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Beginner or expert, if you would like to try cruising canvas or spinnaker racing against boats similar to your own - PHRF is for you.

Wednesday evening and weekend races are held in the protected waters of Hingham Bay within easy reach of boats moored in Quincy Bay, Hingham Bay and Boston Harbor. Sailors new to racing are invited to join the "Better Sailing Thru Racing" Program. Our fleet also conducts social events such as picnics, seminars and our year end dinner party.

Better Sailing Thru Racing is a program sponsored by Hingham Bay and Boston Harbor PHRF designed to attract new racers to the fleet. Cruisers and sailors with little or no racing experience are encouraged to participate by racing free of charge in your first two races. If you are interested, please contact any of the fleet officers for more information.

Hingham Bay and Boston Harbor PHRF invites you to join the fun and camaraderie. See the next section for more information on how to join Hingham Bay PHRF.


Joining Hingham Bay PHRF

Existing Members

New and existing members will now use the new online membership system to join or renew their HB PHRF membership. For those who need to also renew or apply for a PHRF certificate for their boat, there will be a link to New England PHRF's new online certificate processing system.


Skipper: Cost:  $40 before May 8, 2013. $50 after May 8.

This includes PHRF certificate and Hingham Bay fleet membership.
Skipper's can sign up on line at or
Skippers wishing to obtain a certificate by mail can do so through the HBPHRF handi­capper (Diane Kane). Boats with expired certificates should send a signed copy of the old certificated, marked with any changes, to the address below. For new boats, the application form can be downloaded from, filled out, and mailed to the address at the bottom of the page.

Season's pass: Cost: $185.00

This includes: certificate and membership to HBPHRF and covers entry fees for the four HBPRHF weekend races (Solstice, Scorpion, Hitchcock, Chowder Cup), the three twilight series, and the two Rumbles. What a Deal!

Associate or CREW membership: Cost: $10

Associate Membership is open to any interested party: crew, past member, or fan. Members receive a welcome packet (listing benefits and coupons), emails blasts with NOR, RC and deadline reminders, related events of interest to our members, and a Crew-Skipper Match: for interested parties, we’ll help skippers and crew match up to get boats out to the start!
See below for more info.

Weekend pass: Cost: $150.00

This pass is for boats that wish to participate in the Hingham Bay weekend races (Solstice Regatta, Scorpion Bowl, Hitchcock Trophy, and Chowder Cup) and have PHRF certificates from other regional fleets. The Weekend Pass covers the entry fees for these four races but does NOT include a PHRF certificate  

Address:  Hingham Bay PHRF
c/o Diane Kane
PO Box 540
Hingham, MA. 02043

** Additional Associates membership info:

Associate Membership is open to any interested party: crew, past member, or fan. 

Support:  It's a great way to help support the organization that brings you fun racing all summer (and to defer organizational costs from the skippers).  Think about it: party and food after every weekend race! Great Race Committees (PRO) for well managed regattas.

The first 20 people to sign up as associate members will get a welcome packet that includes some discount coupons and perks at local shops.

Skipper-Crew Match:  In addition to our online crew bank, we'll help match crew and skippers during the summer. Suppose your regular boat isn't racing next week and you'd like to jump on a different boat, or suppose a skipper finds out on Wednesday night that part of his crew can't make that Saturday's race--  let us know your crew needs and sailing availability by emailing us before noon on Thursday. We'll let you know who's available for what later that day. You can then call/email each other to make plans.  In your email include your name, email, phone, what you're looking for...

Stay in the loop:  Receive email notices of seminars, classes, notable news through out the off months.


Simply click on the "Join HBPHRF" link above (under the "About HBPHRF" menu) to get started. All the various membership types and fees will be displayed to you during this process.

One Race Free

If you just want to give Wednesday night racing a try and don’t want to sign up for the entire season, there’s no need for all the paperwork, just show-up at the starting line East of Sheep Island around 6pm.  Give the committee boat your name and boat type.  They will tell you which class to start in.  You will want to familiarize yourself with the starting sequences and courses by viewing the HBPHRF handbook.

View the latest Hingham Bay PHRF Yearbook HERE.

If you are interested in placing an ad in the HBPHRF booklet, please click here.